Clinical Psychology

Works with subjective and emotional issues of human beings.

Work with the elderly

Specialized work, which encompasses a broad spectrum of the patient.

Sports Psychology

Work in the areas of amateur, recreational and health sports.

Excursion Module

An innovative form of leisure that allows you to visit and revisit historical places.

About Me


Psychologist, Sandra works using simple language to reach the diversity of the social body, age, and culture.
Offering four psychological services, she has a vast network of contacts to expand and support each individual in their uniqueness.
In her work with psychology, which spans over three decades, she has a well-established clinical practice, providing support for high-performance sports, and initiated work with the elderly in Curitiba, PUC-PR, culminating in “UP Maturity”, University of Positivo in 2015. In 2017, she founded Espaço Maturidade, where those aged 50+ have their place.
Sandra holds a master’s degree in social philosophy and is a member of the José de Alencar Academy of Letters.


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